Playful Faces

The cost of face painting will remain competitive with the average per area. NY/NJ/CT $ 200/hr, DcMdVa $125/hr 

Playful Faces does not charge extra for glitter or gems. 🙂 

The cost of body painting has many variables — including the amount of time, detail and materials needed for any given job. Prices may range from $75 – $1000. Our prices reflect the level of artistry and high quality of professional materials that may be used. 

Please let us know if you are working with limited funds and we’ll come up with a creative solution that fits within your budget. Multiple models, agency, and package deal discounts are available. 

A deposit of 30% and signed contracts are required in order to reserve your body paint session. Payments may be made via cash, credit card, money order, Square or PayPal. The remaining balance is due the day of your body paint session.

Depending on the amount of coverage, body painting can take anywhere between just a few minutes to several hours. The more colors and details the longer your session will be.

What Kind of Paints do you use?

Playful Faces uses all FDA approved body cake paints and airbrush paints. The top ‘cake’ brands we use are: Wolfe, Ben Nye, Mehron, FAB, TAG. The Airbrush paint we use is “ProAiir.”

Depending on the coverage and body area you will need to shower prior to your body paint session and refrain from any body lotions or body oils. Specific areas of your body may need to be shaved, as it helps with a smooth finish. 

Most of the face paint we use is water based and can easily be removed with water/soap and water. Some areas may require make-up remover. For all body paint clients you will receive a removal packet consisting of make-up remover and baby oil along with a wash rag (This is covered in the body painting fee)

Playful Faces is located in the Baltimore area and body sessions may take place at a  studio or the privacy of your own home.

Playful Faces provides professional paint services for any event, whether your event caters to children or adults. We have aprons for all your guests. Long handle professional brushes, your choice in size canvas, easels, paint cups, palettes. PF takes care of set-up and clean up, providing table clothes and cleaning supplies for any spilled paint. 

Paint parties can be held at your venue of choice or at our temporary location A.Saffron.Universe located in West Baltimore. (holds 50ppl)